Wednesday, May 23, 2018


The Obama-Netflix deal was inevitable. 
Both are shallow, annoying media brands that cost a lot of money and offer little value. (For my money, either Amazon Prime or Hulu offer better value unless you really love Netflix originals like Will Smith fighting fairies or 1,001 Adam Sandler comedies). They get away with their uselessness in the traditional leftist fashion, with compulsive virtue signaling.
Netflix documentaries already lean far to the left. So why not team up with the Obamas?
But that raises the question as to whether the recent addition of Susan Rice to the Netflix board was part of the Obama deal? It seems quite possible.
The appointment came seemingly toward the end of the Obama-Netflix negotiations. And it's another reminder that unlike the Clintons, the Obams are smarter at this game.

Porno lawyer Michael Avenatti slapped with $10-million fine for running out on his tab

By Monica Showalter

Michael Avenatti, the revolting left-wing lawyer who has been the darling of cable news with more than 100 appearances, garnering $175 million's worth of free publicity, got slapped with a $10-million fine from some judge fed up with his failure to pay his bills.  Avenatti, whose stated mission is some grandiose quest to expose the supposed awfulness of President Trump, promised and promised to make payments to the IRS and fellow lawyers in his other business dealings – and then ran out on his tab.
Had enough?
The Los Angeles Times has an excellent rundown about this guy:
A law firm of Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti was hit with a $10-million judgment Tuesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court after he broke his promise to pay $2 million to a former colleague.
Judge Catherine Bauer of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana ordered Eagan Avenatti to pay the $10 million to Jason Frank, a lawyer who used to work at the Newport Beach firm.
"At this point, that's what's appropriate," Bauer said at a brief hearing.
Boy, look at the tone from that judge.  They don't usually get like that.
Obviously, promising to pay – and there was more than one instance cited in the Times piece – and then not paying seems to be how this guy does his business.  In a way, it's similar to the "narrative" he is promoting with porn star Stormy Daniels in the news – promising the downfall of President Trump, over and over with his news of a hush-money payment, and then...failing to launch.
This points to a rather disgusting fact around the non-stop media coverage he's been shilling: the media have been had.  Especially the doltish junior, Anderson Cooper, who is one of the least bright people I've seen on national news and who has lapped up the Avenatti line.
Seriously, he and the rest of the people who had this clown on the air promising to take down Trump and then gave him $175 million's worth of free publicity for it got took.  They gave him all those millions in free publicity on their shows at the expense of the meaningful stories they could have been doing.  And President Trump continues to ride high in the saddle, his popularity rising.
The other question worth asking will be whether they, as supposedly unbiased, objective media organs, reporting without fear or favor, have any intention of covering this story with as much vigor as they covered Avenatti's Stormy Daniels story.  Pro tip: Don't bet on it.
As for the news about Avenatti and his business practices which got him sanctioned so hard – along with the judicial rebuke – well, what a God-awful person.  Already he's yelling about it, which seems characteristic of someone who isn't honest even to himself.  This guy has twice withheld payroll taxes that were supposed to go to the IRS (cripes, who trusted him the second time?), which is a giant breach of trust involving innocent employees.  A huge successful company, Tully's Coffee of Seattle, is effectively out of business due to his looting of its assets and his failure to pay its taxes.  Based on multiple instances cited, an "I promise, I promise, I promise" to pay from him is utterly worthless, despite reports that someone (we don't know who) paid him $8 million to do his Stormy Daniels representation, which presumably included his nonstop appearances on cable TV.
Some think Trump is a person who's had a gamy business past, but look at what an angel he is compared to a guy like this, busily accusing him in a disgusting, politically motivated campaign.
What is the lesson from this?  That it's hard to find anyone willing to accuse President Trump except for an utterly gamy wastrel with money problems based on the lowest business ethics possible?
That the press likes to get taken by charlatans with histories of dishonesty, and considers such sources credible?
That President Trump comes out smelling like a rose now that we know the truth from a disinterested judge about who Avenatti is?
Cripes.  This whole spectacle is bottom of the barrel.  The press should be ashamed of itself for giving this mountebank so much as the time of day.  And the question remains: who paid Avenatti, with all his hideous past, that eight million dollars?

Brussels police officers say ex-boss denied Holocaust and insulted Jews

A senior police officer in Belgium was transferred from his post for the duration of an investigation into claims that he abused Jewish subordinates and denied the Holocaust. So far, five of the 15 officers who had served under Commissioner Geert Verhoeyen at the canine police unit of Brussels Midi complained about his alleged hate speech in recent years against gays, foreigners and Jews, the Het Laatste Nieuws daily reported. The report was a follow-up to a story published earlier Wednesday about Verhoeyen by the BX1 television station. One complainant, who has Jewish roots, said that Verhoeyen called him to his office in 2015 and played music that was played at Nazi death camps, according to Joel Rubinfeld, president of the Belgian League Against Antisemitism, or LBCA. A similar incident happened to another officer with Jewish roots in 2016, Rubinfeld said. One of the complainants’ grandparents died at a concentration camp.

UK Islamic State Sympathiser Encouraged Prince George Attack and ‘Poisoned Ice Cream’

A British Islamic State supporter encouraged “lone wolf” terrorists to attack Prince George at school and inject poison into supermarket ice creams, a court has heard.

Husnain Rashid, 32, of Nelson, Lancashire, produced an “e-toolkit for terrorism” for internet radicals, the prosecution alleges.
He is accused of calling for the young prince to be targeted at Thomas’s Battersea primary school in southwest London, The Guardian reports.
The terror sympathiser posted the address of the school, along with a photo of the prince before a silhouette of a jihadi fighter and the caption: “Even the royal family will not be left alone.”
Prospective jihadists sought out Mr. Rashid’s advice online for the use of poisons, knives, and explosives, it is claimed.
He published a magazine aimed at potential terrorists, the prosecution said, as well as distributing the al-Qaeda magazine Inspire. He also wanted to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State terrorists himself.
“He made numerous posts glorifying terrorist atrocities committed successfully against others and encouraging and inciting his readers to plan and commit more successful terror attacks of their own,” prosecutor Annabel Darlow said.
She also told a jury that he encouraged “injecting poison into supermarket ice creams” to kill innocent people. Laying out her case against him, she added:
“He provided an unstoppable and hate-filled flow of encouragement for others to commit acts of terror… attacks with vehicles, explosive devices, bombs, chemicals, any attack you can imagine one person committing on their own.”
It was also claimed he was in contact with Omar Ali Hussain, a prolific Islamic State recruiter and jihadist who was a Morrison’s supermarket security guard from High Wycombe before travelling to Syria.
Mr. Hussain advised him on how to launch various attacks, including bringing down aircraft with lasers, it was said.
When police raided his house, Mr. Rashid “hurled” a phone containing a “treasure trove” of evidence over a wall and into an alleyway, Ms. Darlow added.

Mr. Rashid denies six terrorism offences. The trial continues at Woolwich Crown Court.

Top German Migration Official Suspends Local Asylum Decisions After Scandal

Germany’s top migration official says he will immediately ban a local branch office of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration from making any further asylum decisions. The unprecedented decision comes amid a scandal over the improper granting of asylum requests which also has put the head of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration, Jutta Cordt, under pressure.Interior Minister Horst Seehofer’s ban came Wednesday after an internal revision of 4,568 asylum cases found officials at the Bremen branch had intentionally violated regulations. Seehofer said the “trust in the quality of the asylum procedures and the integrity of the welcome center in Bremen has been massively damaged.” In April, prosecutors said at least 1,200 asylum requests, mostly by members of Syria’s Yazidi minority, may have been wrongly approved between 2013 and 2016.

Swedish Political Commentator Interrogated by Police over Sharia Law Satire Facebook Post

Swedish political commentator Jan Sjunnesson was interrogated by police after a well-known “anti-hate group” reported him for sharing a satirical book cover mocking Islamic sharia law on Facebook.

Mr. Sjunnesson was interrogated by police late last week after he posted a photo on Facebook depicting two fictional book covers that satirised elements of sharia law. One of the fake book covers depicted two Muslim men whipping another man, a punishment prescribed under sharia, with the title “With grandfather at work”.
Source: Facebook/

Sjunnesson, who formerly worked as an editor for the populist Sweden Democrats magazine Samtiden, told Breitbart London that he did not create the image but that it was a play on recent children’s books. One of which, he said, was entitled Grandfather Has Four Wives.
According to the former magazine editor, the notorious Näthatsgranskaren online social justice “anti-hate” group was behind reporting his Facebook post to the police.
NäthatsgranskarenSwedish for “Network Examiner”, has been credited with a huge surge in hate speech prosecutions as it persistently looks for material it deems to be hateful across the Swedish social media landscape.
The group, which was founded by ex-police officer Tomas Åberg, has not been without controversy as Åberg even publicly admitted that most of the people reported for hate speech to the police have been elderly women.
One of the women reported by the group, a 65-year-old who posted that mass migration would lower the general Swedish IQ, described being harassed by police on multiple occasions during their investigation and that the anti-hate group had been keeping tabs on her online posts since 2016.
Hate speech has become a major topic, along with so-called fake news, in Sweden ahead of this year’s national election with the government giving millions to fund various programmes including those involving the mainstream media.

Sjunnesson added that the case was officially closed by police on Tuesday but said he feared that despite the activist group seeing very few of their reports go to court, the tarnishment of a person’s reputation from being called into a police interrogation could stop others from speaking out.

Irish Students Offered Grants to Fly Home and Vote ‘Yes’ to Abortion

Universities in Britain have offered Irish students up to £110 to travel home and vote for liberalising abortion laws, as recent opinion polls show a serious narrowing of the ‘yes’ camp’s lead ahead of Friday’s referendum.

Assisted by the far-left National Union of Students (NUS), universities have set up bursaries to help students fly back for the vote, which would repeal the Eighth Amendment of Ireland’s constitution which grants the unborn child an equal right to life as its mother.
Student newspaper the Tab reported Tuesday that at least six universities are involved in efforts funding Irish students to fly back and cast a vote, including Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Nottingham, Goldsmiths, and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
Asserting that it supports “the right of pregnant people” rather than ‘pregnant women’ to abort their baby, the NUS said it would match any monetary contribution towards a student’s travel to Ireland made by local union branches up to a maximum of £110 — which it warns is the cut-off for political ‘donations’ under Irish law before funding must be declared.
Despite almost unanimous support from the media and establishment and foreign money having poured into Ireland — the target of an international campaign to dismantle its strict abortion laws — opinion polls show repealing the Eighth Amendment has only a narrow lead.
While stressing they support the ‘yes’ camp, the unions at Oxford and Nottingham said the bursaries are available to all Irish students regardless of how they intend to vote. At Cambridge, however, the women’s campaign said funding is dependent on voting to repeal abortion laws.
Constant political campaigning by the NUS, which is affiliated with around 600 student unions accounting for more than 95 per cent of higher and further education unions in the UK, has led thousands of students calling for their universities to break ties with the far-left organisation.
#LiberateMyDegree, which demands universities “dismantle the Eurocentric curriculum” and prioritise narrowing achievement gaps between groups over providing high-quality courses, supports ‘Preventing Prevent — We are Students Not Suspects’.
The union’s campaign to abolish the government’s counter-terror programme has become a “vehicle for extremist interests”, The Henry Jackson Society think-tank warned earlier this year.

Students Not Suspects slams the “chilling effect” Prevent could have on radical Islamic preachers’ freedom to speak on campus, while at the same the union’s ‘No Platform’ policy barring speakers “with racist and fascist views” is routinely used to block anyone with socially-conservative views, and even feminists who believe that male-bodied individuals who identify as “transgender” are not female.

German priest wears Islamic headscarf in protest against anti-immigration party AfD

The priest of Our-Lady of Aalen in Germany, Wolfgang Sedlmeir, made his disapproval of AfD leader Alice Weidel after her remarks on the Islamic veil, by wearing one during the Pentecostal sermon.
“I can tell you that burqas, headscarf girls and men armed with knives living on welfare, will not assure our prosperity nor our economical growth and even less our welfare state,” Weidel said
Weidel’s remarks, made during a debate in the German parliament, sparked the anger of Sedlmeier. To protest against what he perceived as “offensive and condescendent remarks”, he wore an Islamic veil during his sermon and was met with applauds by his audience.

“Anyone who discriminate against people who follow their faith and hose to cover their heads, is going against human dignity and the Pentecostal’s spirit”, explained Sedlmeier.