Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fallout from Tommy’s Speech at Speaker’s Corner today

First, the actual speech, which you didn’t get to hear from the live feeds of it for reasons that escape me.

An excellent example of the fine debate style you can expect from muslims when you question their sense of right to rule over you.
LONDON, United Kingdom — Thousands of free speech enthusiasts, alongside a handful of hard-left and Islamist opposition, gathered at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park this afternoon to hear a speech written by Generation Identity’s Martin Sellner, delivered by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.
Sellner was banned from entry by the UK government earlier this month, for daring to lead a right-wing organisation which sheds light on Islamic extremism and mass migration on the continent of Europe.
Robinson — formerly of the Rebel Media — delivered the speech to thousands who gathered in the snow at the historic Speaker’s Corner, the home of free speech in London for hundreds of years.

Marx, Lenin, Orwell, and others have famously given speeches at Speaker’s Corner, which is what drove Sellner and Robinson to pick the spot to deliver the speech (below).
Thousands listened to the speech live in person, while tens of thousands watched online.
The text of the speech follows over at BB.UK
Katie Hopkins discusses aspects of the issue of the extinction of White non-Muslims in the UK:

There is no doubt at all, more news to follow on this. It will be posted as we come to be aware of it.


Keith Ellison has a Medium post denying his extensive history with Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. The post, with its references to MLK and Heschel is very blatantly aimed at liberal Jews.
Too bad it's a bizarre series of distortions, evasions and lies.
Ellison treats his time with the Nation of Islam as a conspiracy invented by the right to divide blacks and Jews. And claims that his only association with the NOI was the Million Man March.
Over the last few weeks, some political opponents have been pushing the narrative that I am somehow connected to a man named Louis Farrakhan. It’s not true. Mr. Farrakhan leads a group called the Nation of Islam and is best known for organizing the 1995 Million Man March. He’s also well-known for his anti-Semitism.
If you are a Black man from my generation, you remember the march. A huge number of Black men from all across America came to Washington to alert lawmakers to the social and economic problems facing our communities. I helped organize the march in my local community in Minneapolis. And I marched in it, along with civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson.
After the march, Mr. Farrakhan’s disparaging views on Jewish people, women and the LGBT community became clearer to me. I’ve since spoken about why I believe Mr. Farrakhan’s views ultimately divide our society.
I don't understand why Ellison would write this when there's extensive documented evidence of his time in the Nation of Islam and his defense of its anti-Semitism.
Scott Johnson at Powerline assembled a very extensive background of Ellison's NOI ties. Much of it has been documented in newspapers.
1989–Ellison publishes the first of two articles in the University of Minnesota Daily under the alias “Keith Hakim.” In the first such article, Ellison speaks up for the Nation of Islam.
1995–Ellison supports Million Man March, appears at organizing rally with former Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Muhammed at University of Minnesota. Ellison acts as local Nation of Islam leader in march at office of U.S. Attorney in Minneapolis protesting indictment of Qubilah Shabazz for conspiring to murder Louis Farrakhan. Ellison charges FBI with conspiring to murder Farrakhan. Ellison writes article under alias “Keith X Ellison” attacking Star Tribune for criticizing Louis Farrakhan.
1997–Ellison appears under alias “Keith Ellison-Muhammad” at Minnesota Initiative Against Racism hearing in support of Joanne Jackson. Ellison defends “the truth” of Jackson’s statement that “Jews are the most racist white people.” This is the Star Tribune’s article on the controversy, which refers to Ellison’s statement:
The name change to Muhammad is fairly typical of NOI members.
1998–Ellison first runs for DFL endorsement for state representative. Ellison identifies himself as member of Nation of Islam in Insight News article on his candidacy. Ellison runs for endorsement under alias “Keith Ellison-Muhammad.” 
That's a span of time covering 9 years.
The run in '98 took place years after the Million Man March. 
Ellison was not only well aware of the Nation of Islam's views on Jews, but had defended its anti-Semitism in documented articles.
Contrast that with his claims on Medium.
"I ran for Congress more than a decade ago because I imagined a more inclusive, tolerant, and welcoming America," he begins. He claims, "Fighting for inclusion is what my service in politics is all about." 
That and the NOI's racism.
And, back in 1989, Keith Ellison was already being condemned for anti-Semitism. The Minnesota Daily opinion editor, Michael Olenick, described Ellison’s writing as "a genuine threat to the long-term safety and well-being of the Jewish people, a threat that history dictates must not be ignored."
"Time and time again my people have been slaughtered after the words of Hakim (Ellison) and those like him influenced the masses," Olenick writes.
The media has never asked Ellison about any of this. Instead it listened to him repeat the same lies.
In 1997,  he was defending the Nation of Islam’s anti-Semitism and praising “Minister Farrakhan” as a “tireless servant of Black people”. 
In 1998, Ellison ran for office as affiliated with the Nation of Islam on a platform of, among other things, having Nation of Islam thugs patrol neighborhoods. He complained about a “propaganda war” being waged against “Minister Louis Farrakhan”.
In 2000, Ellison is still referring to “Minister Farrakhan” and spewing NOI conspiracy theories.
Keith Ellison keeps lying because he keeps getting away with it. And that raises serious questions about his more recent details of a meeting with Farrakhan. If he won't stop lying about his support for the Nation of Islam then, why should anyone believe his claims now?

Tommy Robinson LIVE Speakers Corner London

Telford: Police Failed to Act While Shahzad Khan Made £2,000 a Night Selling Victims at ‘The Rape House’

Grooming gang victims have described how police failed to act as paedophile Shahzad ‘Keith’ Khan raked in money selling their bodies to scores of abusers at a property dubbed ‘The Rape House’.

The Pakistani migrant, who died in 2015 aged 61, had targeted girls in the town since 1981, picking up at least one of his victims from under the noses of the authorities outside a police station on a regular basis, the Mirror reports.“He’d pick me up right outside the police station in Wellington and sometimes police cars would drive past us,” she said.
“They must have realised something was very badly wrong but they never said a word, nor asked me what I was doing with a much older man.”

The scandal — barely covered by national broadcasters, including the publicly-funded BBC, despite being the worst in Britain’s history — saw up to a thousand girls beaten, raped, and even killed in a city of just 170,000, with Khan standing out as one of the most prolific abusers among hundreds of potential rapists.
His son Shahmeel was imprisoned briefly for an armed robbery and raping a schoolgirl studying for her A-levels, and his nephew Mohammed Ali Sultan also received a short term for abusing two girls — one aged just 13 — in 2012, and another in 2015 for two rapes and one attempted rape. (Criminals in Britain spend much of their supposed prison sentences on license rather than in custody.)
But Khan himself never faced justice, despite police being alerted to his activities as long ago as the mid-1990s.
“I told a police officer at Donnington Police Station what Khan was doing. I even told them that he’d offered my brother sex with an underage girl,” said the woman who first tipped off the authorities.
“Nothing was done. They told me they couldn’t prosecute him as they’d never have enough evidence. I got the feeling they were brushing me off.”
Reports by one of Khan’s child victims did not result in any charges, either.

Police officers and council workers in towns and cities plagued by grooming gangs have often been paralysed by fears that they will be accused of racism if they tackle the issue, as the overwhelming majority of convicted perpetrators are Muslims with Pakistani roots, while their victims are overwhelmingly from white working class backgrounds.
Indeed, a West Mercia Police memo is said to have made light of the abuse, which involved victims as young as 11, claiming that “in most cases the sex is consensual” — despite the age of consent in the United Kingdom being 16.
Underage victims in Rotherham were told not to mention the ethnicity of their abusers and “made to feel they were racist”, according to investigations, and in Somerset police actually dragged a victim to court when her rapist accused her of racial abuse. (She was ultimately found not guilty.)

The abuse at ‘The Rape House’ which one victim described to the Mirror does not sound consensual, with the girl telling reporters she felt “felt numb, dead inside” after being forced to have sex with scores of “disgusting” men.
Nevertheless, Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP is steadfastly refusing demands from Telford’s MP and members of the public for an inquiry into the scandal, while Telford police Superintendent Tom Harding has dismissed it as “sensationalised” and claimed: “I don’t believe Telford is any worse than lots of places across England and Wales.”

AfD politician blasts Merkel: She has imported women-hating violent offenders and belongs in court

Dr. Gottfried Curio explains exactly what is wrong with modern-day Germany. Curio is a member of the right-wing AfD party of Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland.
Curio says in parliament that Germany “has to protect its national borders instead of dressing up Christmas markets with concrete bollards and machine guns”.
Later Curio blames Merkel for “massively taking in archaic, woman-hating violent offenders” and “experts in knife attacks”. He concludes that Merkel doesn’t belong in German parliament, but in German court.

PEGIDA Founder Lutz Bachmann Banned from UK After Officials Find Speakers’ Corner Speech in Baggage

PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann has been prevented from entering Britain to deliver a speech at Speakers’ Corner, partly on the grounds that he “knows” identitarian activist Martin Sellner.

Bachmann had planned on delivering a speech written by the Generation Identity leader, who was recently detained along with YouTube political pundit Brittany Pettibone and then ejected from the country, partly on the grounds that GI is “viewed in the UK as a right wing organization” and partly on the grounds that Pettibone intended to “interview Tommy Robinson — a far right leader whose materials and speeches incite racial hatred”, according to seemingly official documents.Bachmann also shared a picture of a document which he claims is from the officials who stopped him, which asserts that PEGIDA is “involved in the promotion and incitement of racial hatred and division of communities” and notes that “[by] your own admission during interview you have known [Sellner] well for some years” as grounds for denying his Free Movement rights.

“A speech was discovered during a baggage search which you have stated you are intending to deliver to the general public at speakers corner, Hyde Park,” the poorly written document states.“This speech relates to your organization “Pediga” which is devoted to “combating the threat of Islam”, the activities of this organization have been involved in the promotion and incitement of racial hatred and division of communities. Furthermore this speech appears to have been written and it is believed should have been delivered by Martin Sellner an individual who is a member of an Austrian group which also promotes racial hatred and works against community cohesion and who according to your own admission during interview you have known very well for some years.
“According to Home Office records Mr Martin Sellner was recently refused admission to the UK on the grounds of public policy which he refers to in his speech which you intend to deliver.”

Officials have also recently detained and deported Canadian activist and independent journalist Lauren Southern, who is currently working on a documentary which highlights the apparent persecution of the white minority in South Africa.
Southern was detained under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act — despite what is claimed to be a recording of a conversation between Kent Police and Southern’s father showing an official laughingly admit that they “don’t suspect her of being a terrorist or anything like that.”
Critics have suggested the British authorities have been much more zealous in protecting the borders from right-leaning activists and journalists than they have been against foreign criminals, Islamic hate preachers, and returning jihadist fighters.